2017 Leaf Raking


Calling all Cub Scouts!!

Come help rake a lawn for the Human Services & Council on Aging

Saturday November 19th

Location TBD   (the two houses will be within a short walking distance)

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Help

1 - Helping others makes you feel really good!

2 - It’s great exercise!

3 - The activity counts towards the Citizen belt loop or Outdoor Activity Award!!!

4 – Snacks are provided!!!!

……..and the top reason to help rake leaves is………..

5 - You can jump in a leaf pile !!!!!!!

 All are welcome!  Bring yourself and a rake.  Dress accordingly and bring a water bottle.  We plan to rake two lawns in one neighborhood, so show up when you can.  Rain date TBD.  Please let me know if you plan to participate so we can plan out the number of lawns.

Contact if you would like to be connected with those who are organizing this event, or check your emails.