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Popcorn Sale

posted Sep 3, 2013, 8:42 PM by Scott LeMien   [ updated Sep 3, 2015, 8:47 AM ]
   It's time for our annual popcorn sale!   
This is an exciting chance for our Cub Scouts to raise the money themselves to help our "Pack Go". 

The money we raise is used to fund our events and awards, pinewood derby and much much more! 

Our pack's Popcorn Sales goal: sell more than $10,000!
We ask that you all "Do Your Best" to work together and help us in this effort.  

Each scout should set his own goal: $300.00 
That's an average of about 20 boxes of popcorn.  EASY!

There are 3 ways that your scout can sell popcorn.
  • Show-and-Sell events - The boys will come together to sell popcorn on the spot. This is a big focus of our sale this year!  Please help us sell at each show and sell event by posting to friends and family on Facebook etc.
  • On-line sales - This is a GREAT way for far-away family and friends to support your scout. Through the Trail's End Popcorn website, it's easy for you to contact people about the sale AND it's easy for friends and family to place orders that will be mailed directly to their homes. Once you set up your account, you don't have to do a thing!
  • Take Order sales sheets - Scouts can sell locally to family and friends. Return take-order sheets to the October 10th pack meeting.

Show-and-Sell events
  • Saturday, 9/13 (8AM-12PM) - Dunkin Donuts on E.Central St.
  • Friday, 9/19 (4-8PM) - Stop and Shop.        
  • Friday, 9/26 (4-8PM) - Roche Brothers
  • Thursday, 10/2 (4-8PM) - Roche Brothers
  • Saturday, 10/4 (2-6PM) - Fannon's Liquor Store
  • Saturday, 10/14 (7-8PM) - Oct Pack Meeting
Take Order Total
  • Sold $5408.00
Grand Total:  $5408.00