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In September 2012, we will start our 57th year as a registered Pack!!

Cub Scout Pack 40 is comprised of 1st through 5th graders from the Bennett Hemenway Elementary School in  Natick, MA who are interested in scouting.  
The Pack is chartered by the Natick VFW.
We are affiliated with the Knox Trail Council and are part of the Liberty District.  

We love to go camping and hiking.

Pack Committee Members for 2012-2013
Pack Committee Members:
Committee Chairman: Gowthaman Subbanan Chairman@NatickPack40.org
CubMaster: Ron Burke  CubMaster@NatickPack40.org
Assistant CubMaster:     OPEN Assistant.CubMaster@NatickPack40.org
Advancement Chair: Amber Miller-Ramon  Advancement@NatickPack40.org
Membership Chair: Andrew Freedman Membership@NatickPack40.org
Outdoor Activity Chair: OPEN   
Pack Trainer: Martin J. Levins  PackTrainer@NatickPack40.org
Public Relations: OPEN  
Secretary: Lee Spivack Secretary@NatickPack40.org
Treasurer: Peter Daly Treasurer@NatickPack40.org
Webmaster: Ron Burke Webmaster@NatickPack40.org

Event Committee Chair Persons for 2012-2013
Event Committees:
Blue and Gold: Jennifer RosaBlueGoldChair@NatickPack40.org
Fund Raiser:
(Annual Candle & Wreath Sale)
OPEN FundRaiser@NatickPack40.org
Overnight Chair: Bruno Berszoner OvernightChair@NatickPack40.org
Pinewood Derby: OPENPWD@NatickPack40.org
Popcorn Sale: Debbie KnapikPopcorn.Kernel@NatickPack40.org

For Den Leader Contact information please use the links below.

Here is the break down of our dens for the 2012-2013 Cub Scout year...



        WEBELOS I

        WEBELOS II

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