2024 Pack 40 Pinewood Derby

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Date: Sunday, Feb 4, 2024

Car Weigh-in / Drop-off: Sunday, Feb 4, 2024 -- 9am-11am

Race start time: Sunday, Feb 4, 2024 --11am

Address: Nobscot Scout Reservation, 1 Nobscot Rd, Sudbury, MA .

Building: White Lodge, next to the Nobscot main entrance & parking lot. Circled in red on this Nobscot map

Scout attire: Class-A (blue/tan) uniforms

Cost: $0

Organizer: Travis Burke (Email with questions: travisb0613@gmail.com)

Volunteers - Pinewood Derby Crew

Sign up for a large or small job to help our Pinewood Derby run smoothly!

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We need volunteers to help with:

Car kits and rules

Cars must be made from the official BSA car kits. Each Scout receives a free kit, and parents/siblings can purchase a kit for $7. For kits, contact Sarah Austin at seaustin519@gmail.com.

Cars must comply with the official "Pro-Stock" BSA 2024 Mayflower Council rules (click to follow link to rules) 

Race Day!

Check out  photos from the 2022 Pinewood Derby and 2023 Pinewood Derby to see what it's like.

Restrooms are available in the building.

Pizza lunch will be served.

Siblings and adults will race their cars first in the "Pace Car" race. Cub Scout races will take place after that. Each race will run multiple times, giving every car a chance in various lanes.

Prizes will be awarded within each rank for speed, and other awards will be given as well. The Scouts from each rank who win 1st-3rd place in speed will be invited to represent Pack 40 at the Council level race on April 27, 2024 (location not announced yet).

Schedule :

What happens at "Weigh-in and Dropoff"?

Each car will be weighed and measured by a race volunteer.

In order to compete, cars must meet all requirements specified in the BSA 2024 Mayflower Council rules (Pro-Stock rules) . The official scale and measuring box are the final ruling.

There will be tools available to make adjustments the day of the race to comply with rules.

Once the owner is satisfied and the car meets weight and size requirements, the car is taken by race volunteers. Owners may not touch their cars after this point until the races are complete (unless the car is damaged during racing, at which point the owner has the chance to fix their car.)